Tutorial – Used materials of a live caricarures

A lot of friends from Toonpool, Wittygraphy, Facebook ETC. asked me about what kind of materials I use on my live caricatures and how it is going.

The materials are:
rajz (2)
First is Faber Castell pitt creta, the second is Faber-Castell pitt pastel pencil and the third is paper stift. This paper stift will be brown because I make shadows with this on the caricature and some times I use a piece of textil .

Let see how is it going:


cabap said...

thanks for sharing this Peter,
jan :)

Zsoldos Péter said...

I thanks Jan, for visiting my blog again!

Tondora Judit said...

Ez a pittceruza tényleg nagyon jó. Nekem is nagy kedvencem. :)

Zsoldos Péter said...


Indul a heti 1-2 post szezon egészen nyárig rendszeresen jelentkezem a karikatúráim és tetoválásaim közzétételével.