A perfect week part 01

I get up at Early morning  3 an hour to be there at the airport on time, but it was great because we arrived morning to Eindhoven and spend 1 more great day there.   We arrived to the closing day of the mini convention of European caricature artists. A lot of great  artists and they works we find  there:

Rui Duarte’s wall

Harold Hugenholtz’s wall with one of my faworite artwork from  Zach Trenholm

Unfortunately I didn’t met with Wouter Tulp and  Marion Van de Wiel Personally but I have a great tprint by Wouter and I made a photo of Marions works: DSCN0055

The part of the award ceremony was a bit different then as usual on he Oscar gala…
Harold Huggenholz just start to give the first prize to the winners.
Then they inwited to the last program of the week, wisite the Van Gogh exhibition in Nuenen 
On the road we made a litle promotion for the Mont Martre in de Bergen Caricature Festival in Eindhoven
There is a flyer on David García Vivancos’s handMinicon_Eindhoven20130831_0031
And the end of the day David’s siluettte from pasta by Janet Willems at restaurant.

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